| Link Roku Device | – Roku is a streaming Device. Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. On your terms. User can watch all their favorite stuff online via Roku device. To Download, Install and Activate it, user need to activate Roku Activation code with Roku Account online via


What is Roku Activation code?

Roku Activation code is an alpha-numeric code that help user to link their device with Roku Account. After complete the activation process, user will get full access of their favorite stuff.


Where to find roku link code from tv?

To find Roku Link code from TV, user need to follow some easy steps :-

  • Turn on your Device or TV
  • Connect your device with Internet
  • Connect Roku Device with cable into HDMI port
  • Go to apps store and download and Install Roku App
  • Login with Your Roku Account onto the application
  • Once you complete login, you will get roku link code from tv
  • The code need to be activate via Roku Account online.

How to Activate Roku via

To activate roku, user should have Roku Account and roku link code that they received from tv. User need to activate that code online with Roku Account. Here is the process listed below, that will help you to activate Roku online :-

  1. Get the code from your Smart TV
  2. Turn on your Laptop or Desktop computer
  3. Open Web Browser and Go to search bar
  4. Type : and search for it
  5. Enter code to link new device
  6. After that click on continue
  7. Complete all the necessary steps
  8. After complete all, you will get message that “you are all set up”.

How to setup Amazon Prime on my Roku TV?

To Setup Amazon Prime on your Roku TV, first of all you need to follow some easy steps listed below :-

  • Turn on your Roku TV
  • Go to App Store
  • Download Amazon Prime App
  • Install the Application
  • Login with your Amazon Prime Account
  • Device will display a code that need to be activate online.

Steps To Activate Amazon mytv roku code

  1. Turn on Your Device 
  2. Open Web Browser
  3. Visit URL
  4. Login with Your Amazon Prime Account
  5. Enter the Activation code and click on add device.
  6. After that follow the on-screen instruction